Valérie Bertrand

Name: Valérie Bertrand

Nickname: Val, Val Bertrand

DOB: dec.1978

Hometown: Geilo, Norway (originally from Québec, Canada)

Favorite Place to Paddle: NORWAY, Ottawa/Gatineau/Lachine rivers (Canada)


2012 – back on tour, leading norwegian cups in freestyle before moving on to Canada-USA to train/film
2011 – broke my two legs at the Teva Extreme Outdoor Games in Italy in June
2010 – pregnant, but trained/competed at World Cups in slalom (x3) + freestyle (x1)
World Events:
2009 – World Champs  Slalom, Spain  65th (1st time competing)
2009 – World Champs  Freestyle, Switzerland  3rd squirt
2009 – World Champs  Surf kayak, Portugal  7th HP, 7th IC
2009 – World Champs  Rafting, Bosnia  7th downriver, 10th overall
2008 – World Champs  Mystery Move, Canada  1st squirt
2007 – World Champs  Surf kayak, Spain   1st HP
2007 – World Champs  Xcreek, Austria    cancelled 
2007 – World Champs  Freestyle, Canada   1st squirt
2006 – World Cup  Freestyle, Canada   1st squirt
2003 – World Champs  Freestyle, Austria  3rd squirt,29th K1
2002 – Pre-Worlds  Freestyle, Austria  1st squirt,24thK1
2001 – World Champs  Freestyle, Spain  5th squirt
2003 – World Champs  Rafting, Czech Republic  3rd sprint, 4th overall
2001 – World Champs  Rafting, USA    3rd slalom, 5th overall
2009 – Voss Ekstremveko, Norway (Euro Cup)  1st rafting R4, 3rd team
2009 – Teva Extreme Outdoor Games, Italy  2nd Xcreek, 3rd overall
2008 – Voss Ekstremveko, Norway   2ndXcreek, 1st rafting,1st boaterX
2008 – Teva Extreme Outdoor Games, Italy  (Euro Ch.)  3rdXcreek, 3rdsprint, 3rdslalom, 3rdboaterX
2008 – Euro Rafting Championships, Austria  3rdsprint, 5thslalom, 7thoverall
2007 – Euro Cup, Sweden     1stoverall(freestyle+creek)
2007 – Voss Ekstremveko, Norway   2nd Xcreek, 2nd rafting,1st boaterX
2007 – Paddling Life Invitational,USA    4thoverall(freestyle+Xcreek)
2006 – Oh-Be-Joyful, USA    3rd Xcreek
2006 – Fibark, USA  2nd boaterX
2006 – Teva Mountain Games, USA  2nd big trick, 3rd Xcreek
2005 – British Championships, UK  1st squirt, top 5 K1
2002/3 Euro Cup Tour   top 10 K1 freestyle
2002 – Misahuali Race, Ecuador  2nd Xcreek

Play Boat: Rock Star S -carbon & plastic, Star

Creek- Boat: Villain S…

Crazy Fact About you: mother of 2, but just as nut-case!

Hobbies: Master Studies in Phys.Ed., kiting/skiing, swimming, coaching freestyle, training in general

Why you love Kayaking: it combines many of the best things in life: water element, physical challenge/technique, friends/family, surfing and FUN.


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