Zach Fraysier

Name: Zach Fraysier
DOB: December 15
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 195
Creekboat: Large Zen
 Playboat: 4Fun
Favorite Place To Paddle: Anywhere, especially when my Wife, Kate, can join. I love long days on the river and laps all day.
Accomplishments: 2016 Boston Marathon Qualifier, 4th place Gauley Race 2015, Sub-7 Russell Fork Race, Sub-5 Green Race, 2nd Place Ocoee Race- Duo with Kate! 2015 will have paddled 200 days- attainments on the Hooch! Vertical Miles: Thompson River (15 laps), Cascades (28 laps), Green (11 laps) /one day
Crazy Fact About You: In another body, I played football for Georgia Tech… Offensive Center.

Why Zach Loves Kayaking: The anticipation before a big day, big smiles from everyone after clean lines, the calm zone you find in a large rapid, cold beer and laughs with friends at the end of the day, the memories and knowledge gained from experiencing things that can be just a little out of control.

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